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The effects of the tank significantly reduce tension on the muscles, nervous system,
sense organs, and brain, allowing the body and mind to enter deep levels.

Floatation Therapy Explanation

If you’ve never heard of floatation therapy or sensory deprivation therapy before, and are totally new to the concept, this video will give you some insight. It will explain what floatation therapy is, why it’s so good for you, and how we do it here at FLO2S.

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Ear Plugs: A How-To Guide

The earplugs we use at FLO2S are a little different than ones you might be used to. If you are curious about the best way to use the earplugs we provide for floating, this video will show you how.

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Oasis Tank vs. Chambers

This video describes the difference between the Oasis tank and the Cave/Time chambers. Watching this video may help you decide which floatation area would be best for you.

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Does flotation therapy work? Coy Wire tries it out!

All week, Morning Express is testing out all the ways you can catch more ZzZ's easily.

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How sanitary is floatation therapy?

The water in the float chamber is much cleaner than the water in a swimming pool or hot tub because a high concentration of Epsom Salts creates a sterile environment in which microorganisms cannot survive.

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Amy & Mark come to check out our facility here in Atlanta GA

Amy describes the Atlanta FlO2S chamber experience as amazing & unique.

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